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Unreal Development Kit

Date de création: Janvier 20, 2009
Administrateur du forum: Jacquette
Alimenté par la technologie Unreal Engine, UDK est un kit de développement de jeux complet ayant un ensemble de caractéristiques puissant et facile à utiliser.

Ce kit embarque des fonctionnalités de haut niveau qui sont utilisées par de nombreux développeurs pour créer les meilleurs jeux du monde.

Principales fonctionnalités :

Environnement de développement complet,
Code puissant,
Cinématiques saisissantes,
Intelligence artificielle.

MP3 Audio CD Burner

with MP3 Audio CD Burner you can burn your own custom audio CDs that can be played in any standard home stereo or car stereo or portable CD player. You can burn MP3 and WAV files to Audio CDs with MP3 Audio CD Burner. Besides, you also can burn about 200 music to CD or 1200 music to DVD that can be played with your CD-Rom or MP3 compatible player or portable MP3 players! Just drag and drop the music you want onto the burning list, hit the burn button, and you will have a custom audio CD in a few minutes! Audio CD Burner supports the most popular audio formats: MP3, WAV. There is no need to convert MP3 to WAV yourselft. Your CD is burned directly saving your time. MP3 Audio CD Burner supports majority of IDE CD-RW, DVD+/-RW drives. Build ISO image of data as well as burn .ISO to CD-R/CD-RW is supported too. Easy and friendly interface as well as changeable skins(12 skins available) makes it easy-to-use and personal.

Castle Destroyer

Destroy castles in this fun first person aiming game!


JamBase displays the current shows in your ZIP code.

Phantom Calculator

PhantomCalculator is a rapid and easy to use utility to help you to fast calculation within its beautiful way, in fact this utility will run as a system tray icon and it will calculate any mathematical expression you just copy, every time you copy some text to the clipboard, the program check if this text begin with calc: or result: and if yes it will calculate the expression and copy the result to the clipboard and also show the result in a balloon in the tray icon so you have only to past the result.TAlso, the program can calculate any mathematical expression with parentheses ( and ) and predefined functions cos[ ], sin[ ] , sqrt[ ] , round[ ], and tan[ ] (other functions will be included in future versions).