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Date de création: Février 24, 2009
Administrateur du forum: Céline
Conçu en collaboration avec des professionnels de la restauration, RestoSoft est une application dotée des dernières technologies pour optimiser les processus quotidiens des restaurateurs.

Vous pouvez réaliser de véritables factures, gérer votre clientèle, suivre vos stocks, et piloter plus efficacement votre établissement grâce aux nombreux états de gestion et de synthèse.

N'hesitez pas à nous contacter à travers notre site internet pour obtenir gratuitement le version de démonstration sur CD-ROM.


Is Diane dreaming or living out her childhood in Neverland again? Help her rediscover her youth and recover lost toys in Neverland. Seek and find your way through vibrant levels of hidden objects and check off your list of lost toys as you tuck each one safely into your bag. Move hippos, helicopters, and other toys to uncover hints and tricks to help you along your way. Collect missing toys in kaleidoscope levels that take you on a swirling adventure that call for a keen eye. Be careful not to get lost on this dreamland adventure, you'll need to help DeeDee set things on the right path. Will DeeDee be able to safely restore the toys and find her way back home and back to being Diane? Find out on this fantastical and whimsical journey through Neverland.


Language schools even contribute to health in that they maintain proper brain and bright and clear your mind. Learning a new language in many parts of the brain operates, and practice that not only enriches the ability to speak to your statement, but will quickly thought and creativity in other areas. University studies open the door for you and rich world of art, culture, music, books and movies that were not available to you before, due to language barrier. Language schools, you ever closer, the world closer to you.


One of the very few themes available for Mozilla SubBird. A theme which gives Mozilla Sunbird a Mac OS look. A look that is light and elegant. Buttons and scroll bars are light blue with event-boxes in rounded grey and blue.


Draw lines and detonate bombs to destroy the cutesy blobs in this relaxing yet addictive collapse style puzzler for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Colorful graphics and a jaunty soundtrack accompany you through the game and the intuitive touch interface makes this a great pick up and play title.

3 different game modes:

* Skull Mode - Destroy the blobs, try to limit the skulls you get from short lines. They can be destroyed by detonating bombs!
* Timed Mode - Get the highest score before the timer runs out!
* Infinite Mode - Play till your hearts content and go for that ultimate highscore.

If you like retro style puzzle games such as Bejeweled, Puyo Puyo, Columns and Collapse then you'll love Bomboozle.