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Date de création: Mai 2, 2009
Administrateur du forum: Americ
Mira est l'emplacement idéal pour stocker toutes les informations concernant vos contacts.

Grâce à Mira, vous pouvez stocker des adresses personnelles et professionnelles, des adresses de messagerie, des numéros de téléphone et de télécopie ainsi que des informations personnelles telles que les anniversaires ou les fêtes. Vous pouvez également stocker des adresses Internet personnelles et professionnelles.

L'utilisation de Mira n'implique pas l'abandon de votre ancien Carnet d'adresses. Vous pouvez importer vos Carnets d'adresses personnels depuis tout autre programme capable d'exporter des fichiers texte au format CSV.


If I had only kept the fantastic idea I had yesterday! Now I cannot remember important details.

Important notes are managed best with Notio.

Notio can be used as a service from various programs but works as an independant program, too. Write new notes in the built-in editor and save your notes in RTF or Unicode format. Or simply mark important text in other programs and and drag them to Notio in order to create a new note.

With Notio you can organize your notes in note folders. Don't reduce the freedom of your mind. Thanks to the built-in AutoSave mechnism you will never ever lose ideas.

The unregistered shareware version has a start time delay and shows shareware hints in each note. Get rid of these limitations for 19 EUR only and get free access to update versions.

Flash Capture

Flash Capture help you download flash files from web pages

Features include:
 • Download flash files from the url you type.
 • Search flashs file in your cache files.
 • Preview flash files.
 • Online registration available
 • All future upgrades are free to registered users.

AquaSoft SlideShow Studio

Create professional slide shows without any trade-offs for DVD and PC. Rotate pictures, collages, particles and texts, set transitions and zoom effects, animate using camera pans and movement paths. New! integrate your own video clips in the slide show. Stack and animate pictures with transparency. High-definition WMV output according HD-DVD standard, more than 100 text effects with Unicode support for exotic languages and fonts. Story board and timeline bring structure in your shows. The SlideShow-Master creates slide shows from theme presets in 3 clicks. The new support for multi-core processors puts some heat on your show. The direcX support boosts the performance. Where other programmes stop, SlideShow Studio takes off and it is easy to handle, nevertheless.
Sort your photos, music and sounds in the timeline in any number of tracks, or gain an overview with the story board. Create parallel sequences and collages. For example, three images may fly over the screen at once, while a camera pan runs in the background and your film title that rolls onto the screen. Use animated transparency effects for images and texts. Dub your photos via microphone. Chapters help structure even large slide shows. Use EXIF-Data from the images of your digital camera for sorting and editing your photos, e.g. the capture date, time and more. Replay your slide shows in highest quality and great solution on the PC or through a beamer or burn a DVD or (S)VCD utilizing the integrated burn engine. For your creativity the sky is the limit. Example slide shows and extensive step-by-step tutorials will familiarize you with the vast functionality of AquaSoft SlideShow Studio.
Benefit from more than 10 years of experience in slide show software development and become your own director.

Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance

Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance is an ultimate pay per click optimization tool help you to manage your keyword bids at ALL major pay per click search engines. Use it to build your keyword list, manage your keywords, automatically monitor your keyword bids and URLs at all major pay per click search engines such as Google Adwords, FindWhat, 7Search, Espotting, and Epilot. It will notify you your current bids, analyze your ranking positions and fix bid gaps, by using Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance, you will save up to 85% of your current bid cost on Pay Per Click search engines.