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3D PsyPink

Date de création: Décembre 21, 2009
Administrateur du forum: Babine
Cet écran de veille psychédélique en 3 Dimensions fait appel à de nouvelles techniques d'encodage utilisant DirectX.

Installation et désinstallation automatique, fond sonore de Matrix modifiable, choix de la vitesse et de la taille de l'image.

Jannatul Baqi screensaver

Jannatul Baqi is a popular tomb in the world. This is looking so nice. You can see picture of Jannatul Baqi without visiting place of Jannatul Baqi by downloading and installing "Jannatul Baqi screensaver" easily and free. So download and enjoy your best from today with fantastic slideshow.

Lecteur Média Freeware

Lecteur média très léger permettant de lire tout les formats audio et vidéo acceptés sur votre ordinateur.

Dots and Boxes

The best Dots and Boxes game on the iPhone!
Key Features:

- Simple-to-play touch interface
- 5 different A.I.s from Easy to Not-So-Easy
- Board sizes from 2x2 to 6x7 boxes
- More than 50 fun and colorful clip art icons
- 10 colors for board, lines, dots, highlights, hints
- Tappable turn indicator to stop and start A.I.s
- Includes Swedish & Icelandic starting positions
"I *love* this game!" -- Crazy Cat

"Makes me think I'm a kid again!" -- Daisy Dog

"But it's not just child's play." -- Eddie Elephant

"Hey pal, wanna bet on a game?" -- Freddy Fox

"Bring it!" -- Penny Penguin

"It's thinkin' fun!" -- Ooly Owl

You haven't really played the game of Dots and Boxes on the iPhone or iPod touch, until you've played *this* Dots and Boxes!

Designed for the iPhone and the iPod touch and loaded with features:

* Five Fun and Challenging OolySoft A.I. Players! *

Play against a friend, or against one of our five different A.I. players. You may be able to beat Crazy Cat and even Daisy Dog. But can you beat Eddie Elephant? He's learned a trick or two which he never forgets! How about a sly character like Freddy Fox? And are you clever enough to take on the likes of Penny Penguin, the reigning champ?

* Changeable Board Size *

Play fast games with as few as 2x2 boxes or longer games with as many as 6x7 boxes.

* User Selectable Icons *

Each player can personalize their icon using their initials, a photo, or one of our dozens and dozens of great clip art images!

* User Settable Colors *

Each player can select their own colors for the background, the lines, and the dots. Then watch these colors switch back and forth to indicate each player's turn.

* Many Other Features and Options *

Come and explore!

Enterprise Search

Search for documents, pictures, music and many other files, e-mails and attachments on your desktop computer (including mobile disks and USB storage devices) and on file servers within your organization. Search from one single search-box on your desktop in all stores including your e-mail and file attachments, contacts, tasks in Microsoft Outlook, recently viewed Web pages and file servers scattered around the company's file system.The "Search as you type" feature delivers a highly interactive search feeling and gives instant feedback of the search results (display instantly). Enterprise security and file access restrictions are granted in real time. Enterprise Search is 100% unicode from index to search and delivers safe search in all Microsoft Windows supported languages and scripts.