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Date de création: Décembre 30, 2009
Administrateur du forum: Malou
Notez vos activités dans votre agenda Biltime : il enregistre automatiquement le temps passé pour chacun de vos clients ou projets. Sélectionnez vos plages horaires à l'aide de la souris, les durées s'affichent automatiquement et sont enregistrées dans votre base de données.

Notez vos rendez-vous, vos activités. Listez vos actions à mener dans l'agenda. Biltime vous les rappelle automatiquement de jour en jour. Ajoutez vos commentaires. Gérez vos recettes et dépenses. Réservez votre temps personnel.


myPhotoEdit is the image editor for all and sundry. I've not written myPhotoEdit to have another Photoshop or Pixelmator wannabe clone. I had the other 99 percent of our daily image editing tasks in mind. Like enhancing, cropping and exporting a picture for a weblog entry, an article or a presentation and how this basic and time consuming tasks could be improved and simplified. First of all - speed matters. In the time Photoshop starts, you've already enhanced, cropped and saved one or two images with myPhotoEdit. Second - those tasks need to be as easy to perform as possible. myPhotoEdit is especially made to be flexible, very speedy and clear while doing common editing. And third - only because editing becomes a no-brainer with myPhotoEdit, this doesn't mean the results are ordinary. Quiet the opposite is true. With myPhotoEdit everyone can come up with world-class results in a blink.

MadCap Analyzer

MadCap Analyzer scans your MadCap Flare or Blaze project for 1) Issues -- broken links, duplicate styles in style sheets, duplicate TOC and outline items, topics not in selected TOC or outline, 2) Used and unused items -- snippets, topics, styles, variables, map IDs and images, 3) Suggestions -- snippets, variables, index keywords, new styles, writing structure, and more. You can correct these issues right in Analyzer, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work. Just fix the issues and get back to work.


In Windows and Dos it will copy a file from your hard disk to your disk drive, in the case that the file size is bigger than the size available in your disk drive. Once copied it is possible to restore the disk(ette)s to another computer. You can copy any big file via ordinary diskettes! This small tool can be very usefull on your system disk to safeguard important big files in case Windows is not working or crashed caused by virus attack for instance.
Also splitting and rejoining of a file into a number of pieces directly in a directory is possible (eg. to split E-mail attachments).

Dos based utility for Windows users. Seems strange but is very handy for the case when Windows crashes... which sometimes happens.

Ancient Egypt 3D Screensaver

3D Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and 3D scenes. In Egypt, ancient civilization began around 3000 BC under the first Pharaoh and it developed over the next three millennia. Later, the civilization of ancient Egypt entered a period of slow decline during which Egypt was conquered by a succession of foreign powers. The many achievements of the ancient Egyptians included a system of mathematics, quarrying, surveying and construction techniques that facilitated the building of monumental pyramids, temples we recall as mystic and extremely interesting facts. For a moment you can enjoy the spirit of ancient Egypt with this 3D screensaver.