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Heure du Monde

Date de création: Septembre 22, 2015
Administrateur du forum: Maieul
Heure du Monde est une horloge universelle. Il intègre une interface claire et simple. Il permet de savoir l'heure actuelle de n'importe quelles grandes villes du monde ou pays, où que vous soyez. L'application est entièrement configurable.

Pc Power Suite

The new PC Power Suite is an all in one utility suite for maintaining your Windows operating system. It Includes more than 30 tools that are just a click away to maximizing your PC performance and reliability . It includes Windows and memory optimizers, icon manager, tools to beautify Windows, and many optimization utilities. It includes backup utilities for the system and files or directories.

FastFigures Finance Calculator

FastFigures Mobile provides the accuracy you need to satisfy your calculation, client, and classroom needs.

For example, work from a home price to easily calculate a monthly payment or work from a monthly payment the buyer can afford to calculate the home price, all in the same template.

Mail Merge Suite for .NET

Safabyte Mail Merge Suite is a set of flexible and easy-to-use .NET components for generating dynamic email content with DynamicTemplate, validating email addresses up to five levels of validation with EmailVerifier, sending emails through proxy server with Smtp and Proxy components. These components are 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code included in the Gold License) and CLS compliant. It can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Window Form and Web Services. Numerous C# and VB.NET examples are included in the setup package showing how to work with these components.

CD Madness

This program lets you control your CD drives and CDs. Plays Audio CDs via built-in player. Supports multiple drives. Launches AutoPlay any time you need it. Opens/closes CD drive. Closes CD drive automatically. Allows the password protection. Auto-ejects disks before shutting down the system. Configurable hot keys for CD Player and CD drives.