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Date de création: Mars 5, 2010
Administrateur du forum: Coline
MP3List permet de gérer une collection de MP3, il recherche automatiquement tous les fichiers MP3,
lit les TAG et d'autres informations et enregistre le résultat dans une base de données.

ACCESS Wordlist Spanish Dutch

Wordlist with 1 to 1 ratio- no definitions or pronunciations. For websites they would like to automate the translation of user text.
Wordlist Database Spanish Dutch to integrate into your applications in MS-ACCESS Format. The demoversion includes the letter C with 3880 Keywords. Fullversion Spanish Dutch Dictionary 31712 keywords with 31712 entries. Also available for Spanish to French, Italian, German, Portuguese/Brazilian, English, Swedish and back. Create a basis for your own Translation Memories (TM)
Thesauruses for English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian, German, Swedish and Dutch.
Complete conjugation of verbs for English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian, German, Swedish and Dutch.

Chimp Adventure

Chimp Adventure is an extremely simple memory game : all you have to do is see, memorize and CONQUER... or fail miserably, it's up to you.

Take the challenge and try to complete the adventure mode in its 24 weird but entertaining missions

You can also use the training mode to make your own challenges by choosing among 11 levels of difficulty and 3 fun game modes.

This game is based on real experiments.

Tests were performed at the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan, and apparently, chimps can out-perform college students in the 'limited-hold memory task'.
In this test, numerals appeared only for a certain limited duration, and were then automatically replaced by white squares. Three different hold duration conditions were tested: 650, 430, and 210 ms. The subjects were required to touch the squares in the order corresponding to the numerals originally shown.